Xcelaero, Innovative and Efficieny Aerodynamic Solutions


Xcelaero will reduce the energy required to operate modern thermal management systems by developing and marketing the highest quality and most efficient air handling systems on the planet.

Xcelaero Touchstones

  • Provide responsive customer service and design customization that meets our customer’s demanding schedules.
  • Provide extensive in house expertise in high efficiency air based thermal management system design and integration.
  • Provide best-in-class supply chain and financial management systems to meets customer, budget and supplier expectations by delivering products in a timely and efficient manner.

San Luis Obispo Headquarters

4540 Broad Street, Suite 120
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
v: 1-877-925-2376
f: 1-805-547-2661

Company Background

Xcelaero Corporation is a design and manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of world class fan and thermal management systems. Our unmatched aerodynamic design capabilities coupled with equally talented motor and electrical design enables our company to meet customer demands for increased performance and efficiency. Our goal for every product is to provide our customers with the most energy efficient, lightest weight and highest performance systems available on the market today. We are a US government certified small business with both commercial and defense market design experience. We have invested heavily in the people we employ and the tools we use to accurately model and iterate hardware and system designs before they are ever built. This proprietary design practice combined with our in house rapid prototyping capability and testing facility reduces iterative design work, compresses engineering development timelines and thus lower costs. The result is lighter, more capable systems that give large system integrators the flexibility to meet the most demanding system specifications.

Xcelaero designs and produces both standard products that have a broad range of applications in electronics cooling and custom products to meet the demanding specifications of industrial and defense applications.

Our customers range from large system integrators to commercial computing designers. In each case, our customers engage Xcelaero to solve their most difficult air movement issues be it electronics cooling, air handling or environmental control systems. Xcelaero strives to meet our customer’s expectations in product performance, delivery and customer support. With facilities in San Luis Obispo, California; Albany, New York; and Houston, Texas we can support customers regardless of their location.

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