Xcelaero, Innovative and Efficieny Aerodynamic Solutions


Xcelaero’s goal is to deliver an optimum solution within the constraints of any air handling problem. That process starts by designing to the highest possible aerodynamic efficiency so that the coupled electromagnetic, thermal, and acoustic challenges are all minimized. We then match those aerodynamics to advanced motor designs, patented thermal management techniques, and a robust mechanical structure to achieve class-leading performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Our unique aerodynamics are enabled by a design system which incorporates a progressive dimensionality approach, culminating in CFD analysis. These tools are employed by an aerodynamic design team with over seventy-five years experience in advanced turbomachinery. This team is supported by an equally talented group of mechanical and electrical engineers with state of the art computational tools at their disposal.

Xcelaero’s design team can help you incorporate one of our stock solutions into your product, or develop a custom design to help you solve the most challenging air handling problems. And if we can’t do it better, we will tell you that too.


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